Security and Protection for your professional conversations

Sirius App delivers a secure communication platform to enterprises trought
message in chats, documents and audio for smartphones

Download available for IOS and Android

Cloud Backup

Data, files and chat history continuously cloud recorded

Simple and Dynamic

Designed to replace emails on mobile devices for quick IM

Encrypted Message

Messages sent in chats are protected end-to-end

Information Security

Safe channel for sharing files, audios and contacts

Summit Toronto – DWEN, Dell

Annual event that empowers entrepreneurs in the new world of digital transformation

Women Funding Women, Springboard

Global series highlighting investments made in women-led companies

7º Forum Entrepreneurs, RME

Diversity and Inclusion event. With lots of content, panels and mentoring

Chat with FMU students, São Paulo

Importance of everyone's role in gender equality in the technology market

Imagem responsiva

Messages Blast

Streamline communication by sending messages from a single source
for a large group of contacts simultaneously

Audit & Compliance

Appropriateness of own security requirements in the management of
digital communication, reducing the risks of data breach

Team Management

Increase productivity through sharing of ideas and files with the
team in real time

New Users

Easy to register new users on the platform, from anywhere in the
world, instantly

Free Trial

Try it free for 30 days


1- Download in the
Google Play or App Store

2- Register with
your corporate email

3- Your account will be activated via
the link you received in this email

4- Ready! Add your Sirius App contacts
and get yourchats safely!


Can I send messages to other platforms, such as WhatsApp?

For your own security, all communication is done on a single platform and among Sirius users. Invite your contact to download! Registration is fast

As a Sirius App user, what are my benefits?

The biggest of them is to move you away from the email, where we spent 40% of our time. Through chats history, you have access to all stored information

And as a company, what's the biggest benefit?

In the new digital economy the raw material of companies are the data and information. We help you keep them safe and away from violations


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